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miss_kate18's Journal

14 October 1988
Want my awesome Chaser mood theme? It was created by void_stuff. She is winner of the intarwebz.
28 days later, a perfect circle, aaron north, american dad, american history x, andrew hansen, angel theory, animorphs, anne rice, aphex twin, arch enemy, arrested development, atheism, australian democrats, australian rules football, baby echidnas, baby-sitters club, batman begins, batrisha the vampire, battlestar galactica, bret easton ellis, brokeback mountain, broken, bruce wayne/jonathan crane, charles firth, chas licciardello, chaser's war on everything, chris lilley, chris taylor, christian bale, chuck palahniuk, cillian murphy, cradle of filth, craig reucassel, crappy daytime tv, crisis, danny lohner, daria, david bowie, david hasselhoff, death from above 1979, devin townsend, dillinger escape plan, dominic knight, donnie darko, family guy, family law, fear factory, fight club, fluke, futurama, garth marenghi's darkplace, genghis tron, glassjaw, grindhouse, industrial, inserting tenuous chaser references, jake gyllenhall, james frey, jared padalecki, jarhead, jensen ackles, jess sinclair, john marsden, johnny depp, josh freese, journalism, julian morrow, leonard cohen, making ben cousins jokes, marilyn manson, maynard keenan, meathead perspective, millencolin, monster magnet, muse, mystik spiral, nathan thompson, nearly, nine inch nails, north melbourne kangaroos, ocd, ocean machine, peeping tom, penguins, petrie for captain 2010, pretty hate machine, pro-choice, pugs, pwning hawthorn supporter trolls, requiem for a dream, rob zombie, rocko's modern life, ronn moss, saul williams, saw, scrubs, seals, seven, six feet under, skinny puppy, slash, smashing pumpkins, spaced, strapping young lad, summer heights high, sunshine, supernatural, swimming, switchkicker, system of a down, tea party, the crow, the dark knight, the downward spiral, the fragile, the it crowd, the league of gentlemen, the machinist, the matrix, the o.c, the office, the x files, tobias funke, tool, tori amos, trainspotting, trent reznor, turtles, university, wayne carey, with teeth, zoidberg


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